Why Web? Three Good Reasons

  • Google trumps Yellow Pages

    Yep, the verdict is in: Yellow Pages is out, Google is in. People searching for a product or service are more likely to use Google (31%) than Yellow Pages (30%). If your target market is people aged between 15 and 40, this jumps to a staggering 81% of people preferring Google. Do you really want to miss out on those searches?

  • Grab a 4 to 1 advantage

    If you're a small business, around 80% of your competitors do not have a website. Talk about a potential competitive advantage! That kind of opportunity just doesn't come along very often.

  • Outstanding value

    An eighth-page display ad in Local Directories costs around $1300. For the same money, a website:

    • Is not restricted to 1/8 page
    • Can be updated as frequently as necessary, not just annually
    • Is uniquely your space — your pitch is not competing directly alongside your competitors
    • Can grow with your business
    • Can present as local or global, depending on your needs

In brief

Get the jump on your competitors

A website is great value and a valuable business asset. Done right, it should bring you more business and cement your business reputation.

Our approach to web building is with your business front-of-mind. Give us a call to discuss how your website can help you do better business.

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