Customer needs and wants differ from what many business think their customers needs and wants. If you're not meeting your customers' needs head on, you might as well be speaking a different language.

Small businesses missing their marks

New research shows that many small businesses underestimate the importance of doing business online, either by ignoring it altogether or by misunderstanding what customers want of their website. Can you afford to ignore almost two-thirds of your customer base? The Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report, published last Friday (9 Feb, 2018), surveyed more than 1000 small…

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5 reasons your business can benefit from having a website

Why you need a website

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve thought about a website but are second-guessing its utility or value to your business. It’s a perfectly reasonable question, of course: How will a website improve my business? What is surprising, though, is that this same question is rarely asked of advertising in the Yellow Pages or Local…

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Why SEO ‘Guarantees’ Aren’t Worth **it

In the famous ‘Monorail’ episode of The Simpsons, monorail salesman and evangelist Lyle Lanley convinces a Springfield town meeting to invest some rare Monty Burns largesse in the building of a single-station monorail system, promising, among other things, that it will bring riches, fame and celebrity to the town. ‘But he’s just peddling a bunch of easy answers,’…

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Are you ready for Googlegeddon? It's time to make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Are Your Ready for Googlegeddon?

Are Your Ready for Googlegeddon? It has been a long time coming, but what has been termed the Google Mobile Apocalyse or Googlegeddon or Mobilegeddon has finally arrived. As of 21 April, Google will begin a structured, systematic de-ranking of websites that are not mobile-friendly. In other words, Google intends to reward websites that are…

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A Website Checklist

Many people we meet who are after a ‘simple’ website are often surprised how quickly it becomes complex. Truth is, there are many elements to a website: the part you see in your browser is only the tip of an iceberg that comprises project management, graphic design, IT and marketing skills. Many people freak out once they learn…

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An Open Letter to Tim Cook, CEO, Apple Inc.

Dear Tim, We’ve not met, but I’ve been a customer of Apple for 20-some years, so you’ll forgive the familiarity. Indeed, customers of mine of 20 years’ standing I mostly call friends, and I hope that that’s what we are, Tim, you and me: friends, albeit friends who haven’t met. So it’s as a friend, Tim,…

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Safety First: A guide to securing your WordPress site. Part 1.

Part 1 of 3: Securing WordPress from the dashboard If you run a WordPress-based website, I have an unnerving statistic for you: in 2013, 117,000 WordPress sites were hacked. Further, the same study found 70% of all WordPress sites were vulnerable to malicious attack, most of which are easily preventable. Does this mean you should dump WordPress as a web authoring environment?…

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Safety First: A guide to securing your WordPress site. Part 2.

WordPress security via cPanel or Plesk (or other site admin tool) cPanel and Plesk are two common control panels or admin tools for your web hosting environment. (There are others, too.) You’ll have been given a login name and password to access your site’s control panel by your web host. More than likely you’ll find…

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Safety First: A guide to securing your WordPress site. Part 3.

Part 3 of 3: Plugins and monitoring services It’s not our place to judge a plugin or SaaS offering, so you won’t find a ranking system here. Times change, new plugins and services appear, new security techniques develop. We’ve listed six potential plugins here chosen from current industry knowledge and user reviews. There are many, many others:…

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A poorly planned website can be worse than no website at all. Here at some tips.

Where it all went wrong

Where it all went wrong For most small businesses, their website is, or should be, a serious bit of their business kit. The days of having a website just to “be on the interweb” are over. To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to make your website matter. Think about it: if a customer…

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