Is your logo a lightbulb moment?

Your logo is the cornerstone of your business's brand. It is — or should be — the lightbulb moment in someone's head when they ask themselves, "Do I know a ...?" If it's your logo, your brand, your business that springs to their mind, then your logo has done its job.

But to do so, it needs to be memorable. And to do that it needs to be designed by an expert.

Logo design is not just about an image and a nice typeface. It's about researching your industry, your competitors, your stake in the market, analysing your needs, aims and ambitions and formulating a graphic approach that makes your business stand above your competitors.

Logo design, and design in general, is not about an innate talent for drawing, or technical virtuosity in Photoshop, or a dozen other attributes that many cite dreamily, ethereally, as 'creative'.

Sure, these talents are handy if it's a logo designer you want to be; but more important is the ability to analyse and interpret what makes your business unique among your competitors, what makes your business tick, what competitive advantages can be highlighted, what values and ambitions your business represents ... And then using 'creative flair' to mould all that into a physical and emotional identity that goes 'ding' in someone's head when they ask themselves, "Do I know a ...?"

That's the lightbulb moment you want of your logo. That's what our expert designers at saso.creative deliver.

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Flash or fizzle?

If your logo isn’t providing that flash of recognition when customers ask about your business, or if you need a new logo that will spark people’s attention, talk to a branding expert at saso.creative.

We’ll be happy to provide a flash of inspiration.

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