50 tips for better writing

25 Tips for Better Writing

Good writing improves clarity and comprehension. Clarity and comprehension establishes engagement. Engagement promotes interest. Interest builds enquiry … Get the drift? Clarity and comprehension should be the goal of all business communication — not because we’re striving for literary heights, but because good writing improves your bottom line. Here are 25 tips, in no particular…

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Beyond blah, blah, blah: writing content that gets read

We’re all on the same page here, right: writing content regularly — on your website, in brochures, in your press releases, in your marketing materials — is a critical component of your marketing activities. Quality, interesting, immersive content. Content that connects with your customers. Content that convinces your prospects. Right? So why is so much…

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Power words in your sales or promotional copy can significantly boost performance and response rates.

The Power of Words

The former UK prime minister and war secretary, Winston Churchill, once commented that he never gave speeches off-the-cuff; he preferred instead to write out every single word, and read every single word, because each word was too important to be left out. Small business should approach their copywriting the same way, be it for their…

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The basics of good SEO: write well, write often, write what you know

SEO 101

It is well established that Google loves fresh, relevant content. Good content is one of the major contributors to good organic SEO and a good page rank. Google offers no specific guidelines, but from something of a process of trial and error, we’ve learned a few things that make Google tick. Be realistic Unless you’re…

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Copywriting doesn't come naturally to most people, especially when they're writing about themselves or their business. Here's five common mistakes to avoid.

Five common copywriting mistakes

If you don’t think you’re getting results from your print, radio, TV or web advertising, it could be your copywriting at fault. There are several common pitfalls that novices and pros alike can fall into, and it’s often a fine line between what works and what doesn’t. Here’s some hints: Focus on benefits. Here’s a…

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An eBook is more than just a digital version of a paper-based book. It has unique attributes and abilities that should be utilised to best effect. It is not simply a PDF.

When is an eBook not an eBook?

Given our expertise and experience in book design and publishing (see our book design website), we get a lot of queries regarding eBooks: what they are, how they work, what they cost, how they’re sold. Through our work with authors and publishers, we’ve had to compile a quick list of Q&As to dispel a few…

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Copywriting is your most powerful ally in your marketing kitbag. Make it shine.

Copywrite and Copy Wrong: Why Copywriting Matters

Here’s a story: In 1974, two young men were re-united at their 25th high school reunion. Both were well off, married, and surprised to learn that they’d both been working for the same company since school. One of them was middle-management; the other was the company’s president and CEO. What separated these two men with…

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