Woolgoolga Retirement Village

Woolgoolga Retirement Village

In brief

The Woolgoolga Retirement Village is undergoing a rebrand; the former branding and identity was very ’80s’ (‘old-fashioned, non-professional and outdated’, in the words of the general manager), and did not reflect the lifestyle-oriented approach to retirement the village wishes to convey.

Their brief called for a modern, clean and bold brand, that reflected its beautiful location between the ocean and the foothills of the Great Dividing Range behind Woolgoolga. What we wanted to avoid was the primary green-yellow-blue colour combination that forms so much of the branding on the mid-north coast. We opted for a more ‘relaxed’, soothing palette that still hinted at coastal and hinterland tones.

Branding Before / After

Our 'Care Kit'

When the job is done, and it is time for you and your designer to part ways, one thing that distinguishes a professional creative agency from the also-rans or the online-bid-to-the-bottom merchants (99 designs, fiver, etc) is the quality of the kit you're left to do battle with.

This is not a final kiss off (we're just a phone call or email away) but a way empowering you, the business owner, to take control — and in many instances, save some money.

When the job is done, the very least you should be supplied by your designer is a style guide that sets out do's and don'ts of logo usage. This ensures your visual identity stays on-brand.

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Here's a sample Care Kit (logo archive) that we provided Woolgoolga Retirement Village.



Woolgoolga Retirement Village

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