Northern Beaches Anglicans

Northern Beaches Anglicans

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Sounds odd, but spirituality is an increasingly competitive market.

Northern Beaches Anglicans came to saso.creative for a new look — essentially, a brand — and print and web collateral that would help them reach a younger market and help them engage with their existing parishioners through more frequent and direct communications.

Along with their new logo and signage, we created a website that would (and has) become the cornerstone of their outbound communications: newsletter, online sermons, FAQs, discussion forum.

It’s fair to say that utilising the website in this way was a source of trepidation at first, but with a little training David and Leone have embraced all manner of digital communications delivery — even SoundCloud — to ensure that even absent congregants still get to hear David’s sermons.

Added bonus: Can you see the hidden symbol in their new logo?

Northern Beaches Anglicans: Logo. Can you see the subtle 'extra'?


Northern Beaches Anglicans

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