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North Coast Christmas Trees


North Coast Christmas Trees

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In brief

North Coast Christmas Trees has been supplying fresh cut, pine Christmas trees to the mid-north coast for several years.

While this puts the sparkle in many families’ Christmas, for Wayne Duver and family it has proven increasingly stressful as they branch further up and down the coast and up to the plateau. Traditionally North Coast Christmas Trees has handled the ordering process manually, either in person at the farm, or over the farm. But as they expand, this is proving inefficient. There has to be another way …

Make the web work for you

A website can be — should be — more than just an online business card. It can help you do business more efficiently.

We set up an e-commerce solution for North Coast Christmas Trees which allows for online ordering, payments, and a variety of pickup or dropoff locations and options.

It has allowed Wayne and family more time to expand the business by extending their delivery range to the Gold Coast in the north and Port Macquarie in the south.

Merry Christmas!