Coffs Harbour City Council Civic Space Collateral

Coffs Harbour City Council

In brief

Get excited: that’s what Coffs Harbour City Council wants you to do. And it has commissioned saso.creative to help.

The Council is in the early stages of a new civic centre plan, which is to include new Council chambers, a new library space and a new regional gallery space.

Critical to the success of new civic plan is getting buy-in from the public; as with any works that require the public purse, there are supporters and detractors.

Part of our job in the ongoing design and production of promotional materials is to grow the support base and turn detractors into enthusiasts. So far the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, so we must be doing something right.

The nitty-gritty

  • Must engage and educate the community.
  • Clearly communicate Council’s vision for the new civic space.
  • Design direction and branding must be versatile enough to work across a range of print and digital formats, including brochures, posters, site signage and cyclone fencing banners, pull-up banners and digital display screens.
  • Print, production and delivery of all print components.


Coffs Harbour City Council

Services and collateral

Art direction of photography