A Smile in the Mind

Bunker Cartoon Gallery

In brief

The Bunker Cartoon Gallery is Australia’s home to the art of cartooning. It operates on a shoestring budget, and is largely coordinated by a band of hardworking volunteers.

We’ve been working in a voluntary capacity with the Board and management to improve the gallery’s visual identity and branding, and in so doing add some excitement and impact.

It’s an ongoing process, and a slow one, and the ultimate goal is for the gallery to be self-funding. We believe our contribution will make a significant impact on that goal line.

To date we have redesigned the foyer to feature (hand painted) cartoons from the collection above the picture rail; defined a corporate colour scheme; codified the existing visual elements into a brand style guide (read more about the importance of style guides here), created a touchscreen installation for visitors to browse the entire collection on-screen; written and designed the gallery’s sponsorship appeal booklet, and been the driving force in the design and setup of the very successful Phantom Art Show.

We’re proud of what we’re achieving at the Bunker, and have lots more in store. Why do we do it? Because the visual arts are important. Because cartooning is important. It’s that simple.



Bunker Cartoon Gallery

Services and collateral

Custom Touchscreen Installation incorporating the gallery’s permanent collection of 22 thousand cartoon images