Coffs City Choir

Coffs City Choir Inc was in great need of an image revamp and even basic branding to improve public recognition, to convey a sense of what the choir was about and to reach as many potential members and audiences as possible.

I had seen some saso.creative marketing in local publications so decided to take a look at their website. The information given by the saso website expressed exactly what I hoped to do for Coffs City Choir Inc. I made an enquiry through the website and almost immediately received a response from the principals of saso.creative, Nanette and Sam.

Wow! These people know their stuff – and are community-minded to boot. After meeting and running through a checklist with saso.creative, the choir was offered, free of charge, a total package, starting with the development of a logo, which is just perfect!

Nanette and Sam have professionally, effectively and creatively attended to every little detail required to better market and promote the choir. They helped us arrange website hosting and then actually developed a website for us, which was a dream come true. They designed and then organised the printing of a display banner. Even tiny details like a letterhead, an invoice template and even corporate greetings cards – all done to the highest possible standard, with enthusiasm and friendliness.

I wish to thank saso.creative on behalf of Coffs City Choir Inc for their amazing efforts on our behalf. Our relationship with saso.creative has, I believe, significantly contributed to a 25% increase in our membership, more invitations to perform at events for the general public and business sponsorships, which we’ve never had previously.

Are saso.creative the team to have when you want to grow? I can certainly say so!