The Death of Print Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Online marketing is the ducks nuts, right? It's hip, it's cost effective, it's results driven — why would anyone bother with any other form of marketing? Well, just hold on there: here's six reasons why print marketing should be part of your marketing mix.
  • Branding

    Is your business differentiated in your local area? Branding is essential for creating trust and repeat business on a local level. For many local businesses, street signage, vehicle livery, brochures and flyers will generate as good a return-on-investment as online marketing is likely to do.

  • What's old in new again

    Getting noticed is often about doing things differently. If your competitors are pouring their marketing spend into online tactics, then a little bit of print may be all you need to stand out. Depending on your business, a good ol' fashioned mail drop — done well — may get better results than your globally focused MailChimp campaign. Mail is the new email.

  • Perceptions of value

    Print carries a perception of value that most web-based marketing doesn't match. Send your client an email and 90% of 'em will bin it; send them a brochure, flyer or other direct mail piece, and 64% will hang onto it.

  • Lies, damned lies and statistics

    I know, I know. But if this stat is even half true it's worth noting: 80% of physical mail is opened, only 20% of email is opened.

  • More responsive

    Forget the buzz relating to mobile websites. In the traditional sense, the response rate for email-based marketing is 0.12%; the response rate for traditional direct mail marketing is almost 5%. That's more than 40 times better. 40!

  • Lead generation

    Even for web-based businesses, print has its place. Various studies have shown that two-thirds of online purchases are driven by print marketing, and that print marketing carries a better online purchasing conversion rate than online marketing alone.

In brief

  • The power of print

    For many small business online and web is where their marketing spend begins and ends. It would be unwise to discount print as part of your marketing mix; indeed, small businesses especially can benefit from the intimate nature of print marketing.

Print works

saso.creative started off in the good ol’ days of direct mail. Print marketing still holds a special place in our collective heart.

Not just because we’re good at it. Not just because print offers more options. Not just because print efficiencies have dropped significantly in the last five years or so.

Because it works. Business to consumer, interest to sales conversion, nothing else even comes close. That’s not bias: study after study after study concludes that print is still the most effective marketing medium.

Talk to us today about what a good ol’ fashioned print campaign can do for your business.

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