Branding and Identity

Is your logo a lightbulb moment?

Your logo is the cornerstone of your business’s brand. It is — or should be — the lightbulb moment in someone’s head when they ask themselves, “Do I know a …?” If it’s your logo, your brand, your business that springs to their mind, then your logo has done its job. But to do so,…

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Feedback for God on the Creation brief

From: “Graheme” <> To: God Subject: Further feedback Hey God, Wha’sup. Hope you’re well. Not working too hard ha ha. Listen. We’ve been going over the latest updates and amendments to the whole “Creation” project and feel that we’re definitely making progress. I gotta admit, some of your early concepts and drafts I thought a…

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It’s all about style

A style guide is a document that helps you keep your branding consistent. It defines usages (and abusages) of style elements across all communication materials, and forms a go-to reference to clarify uncertainties. It helps staff and consultants stick to your corporate style, which in turn yields a more cohesive and coherent design approach across all…

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saso.creative can give your brand super powers.

From Bland to Brand

Okay, so … You’re a small startup with it all ahead of you. You’ve got your product, you’ve got your business plan, you’re feeling hyped. You’re ready to do business. What’s first on the marketing front? Logo? Website? Directory listing? Newsletter? Before you leap, let’s have a brief look at your brand. What is branding?…

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A Logo is (almost) Forever: Dos and Don’ts of Logo Design

So you’ve decided you need a new logo, or a redesign of an old logo. Great. You’ve made a decision that is going to directly benefit your business. At least it should benefit your business, depending on the integrity of your designer. But there are a few pitfalls. So, in no particular order, here are some tips…

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