Marketing and web ideas for QR Codes

QR Codes. WTF?

QRC. WTF? Getting people through your website door is not all about Google page rank. Sure, Google is the most pervasive and go-to service for searching for services on the web. But even if you’re number one for your given key phrase on Google’s search results page, you’re still sitting on a page surrounded by…

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Stats every web marketer should know

By the numbers: Statistics every web marketer should know

So, you’ve banging on in the boss’s ear for months now about how the company needs a website because 85% of B2B customers search the web before making a purchase decisions, and 78% of all consumers conduct product research and comparison online. And that the company really needs to engage in some social media marketing,…

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The customer isn't always right: sometimes the client needs to learn how to be a good client

The Challenging Design Client

Hey, we love a challenge. Give us a good brief, some firm parameters, a good deal of research to analyse, a tight deadline and high expectations and we’ll get stuck in. And we’ll deliver. But we’re not talking about a challenging brief here. We’re talking about the person delivering that brief. Over many years, some beers…

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The basics of good SEO: write well, write often, write what you know

SEO 101

It is well established that Google loves fresh, relevant content. Good content is one of the major contributors to good organic SEO and a good page rank. Google offers no specific guidelines, but from something of a process of trial and error, we’ve learned a few things that make Google tick. Be realistic Unless you’re…

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