Lings Cars website, arguably the world's worst website, crammed with animated gifs and other gyrating eyesores. Mind you, I suspect this is all a tad tongue in cheek. It's too good at being bad to be, well, bad.

Time for a Web Re-Design?

Time for a Web Re-design? Your website is one of your most valuable marketing tools. Because of its relative low cost, it has the potential to be your most vital activity in almost every facet of your marketing plan: branding, lead generation, penetration, ROI, direct sales, cross-sales, word-of-mouth. But like all promotional activities, it can…

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Static vs dynamic Websites: static websites are fine if your content is unlikely to change very often, but dynamic websites, as the name implies, give you the opportunity to manipulate and display your content -- your data -- in a variety of ways that makes for a better user experience.

Static and dynamic websites

The changing nature of websites It’s fair to say that there’s been a significant change in direction in web design over the past five years or so. If I were to put a label to it, I’d call it Participation. The growth of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is testament to that. And that’s…

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