SEO huckster gets their comeuppance: rogue blackhat tactics to improve Google ranking are under fire from Google itself

SEO shyster gets their comeuppance

There’s any number of SEO charlatans and shysters out there just waiting to get their grubby paws into your shallow pockets, at least one of ’em is right here in Coffs. They’ll make you any number of promises, including guaranteed Google rankings, pots of gold, karmic invincibility, whatever it takes to make the sale. It’s…

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New Threads: Untangling the Web

For the novice setting up a new website sounds easy. But there’s a bit more to it than you might think. This short guide will give you some insight into two vital considerations in your web quest: your domain name and your web host. Registering your domain You must pay for the rights to use…

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Copywriting is your most powerful ally in your marketing kitbag. Make it shine.

Copywrite and Copy Wrong: Why Copywriting Matters

Here’s a story: In 1974, two young men were re-united at their 25th high school reunion. Both were well off, married, and surprised to learn that they’d both been working for the same company since school. One of them was middle-management; the other was the company’s president and CEO. What separated these two men with…

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A Logo is (almost) Forever: Dos and Don’ts of Logo Design

So you’ve decided you need a new logo, or a redesign of an old logo. Great. You’ve made a decision that is going to directly benefit your business. At least it should benefit your business, depending on the integrity of your designer. But there are a few pitfalls. So, in no particular order, here are some tips…

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Why Web? Three Good Reasons

Yep, the verdict is in: Yellow Pages is out, Google…

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